Getting started with CC2541 and transmitting our first beacon

Introduction This article deals with the information regarding basic setup of CC2541 SoC (system-on-chip) as an Altbeacon advertisement beacon. But in order to begin with that, we must first understand the components used. What is CC2541? It is a power-optimized true system-on-chip (SoC) developed by Texas Instruments that is implemented in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) […]

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Best Face Recognition SDKs as of 2018

Since deep learning took off in 2012, Face recognition has become an exciting market with multiple companies offering a diverse array of solutions.  Integrating face recognition capabilities into your project has never been easier.  If you are not sure about what face recognition SDK/API to choose, this article will help you. SDK vs API There […]

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Types of Sealed Lead Acid Battery Chargers

Introduction This article is going to cover the different methods of charging a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. This type of battery is generally designed with a low-level over-voltage potential to restrict it from attaining its gas generating potential while under charge. Excessive charging may cause gas production, venting, water depletion and dry-out. To prevent […]

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Server Monitoring System with SwarmSense IoT Platform

What is SwarmSense? SwarmSense is a fully equipped and self-hosted IoT platform. With SwarmSense IoT platform, you can monitor any type of time-series data. Server metrics are also a time-series data so it is very easy to monitor your server stats with SwarmSense. Steps Create Sensor Type for servers Add your first sensor to monitor […]

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Attendance System using Face Recognition

Today we will be making a futuristic attendance system that identifies people from their faces and automatically marks their presence.  It will also allow us to detect any intruders.  This face recognition technology is a form of non-intrusive biometric system and is used in many key-less entry systems in stores, offices and other places. How […]

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